Throwback to the Rockabilly revival days

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For sale: Rockabilly Rules OK? 

Tygmärke ⌀ 52mm. 50 kr inkl. porto.

Patch - embroidered iron or sew on patch. 50 SEK incl. postage within Scandinavia. Order by email.

T-shirts also available from Sunjay. Info !

Sunjay records discography

Discography for Sunrock and Sunjay released records will appear here at later date.

Autographed SUN Rockabilly

Later on - I´ll decide on a couple of records signed by Sun Record artists to sell. A list will be published called "autographed records" . Feat. Carl Perkins, Sonny Burgess, Billy Riley, Charlie Feathers, Hayden Thompson, Barbara Pittman, Ace Cannon, Roland Janes, Warren Smith, Johnny Carrol, Groovey Joe Poovey, Eddie Bond and many others.


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