Sandberg Recordsales

Below I´ll list records for sale from my own private collection. Mostly Rockabilly and Country on vinyl - as well as other cool related stuff.

Jag kommer i långsam takt lägga ut diverse vinylplattor här - till fslg - som inte får plats i mina skivhyllor.   /  Regards, Johnny 

Recordlisting for sale

45 rpm REPROS, mostly 50´s Rockabilly, as PDF.

45 rpm singles AUTHOGRAPED as PDF.

"Rollin´Rock Records on LP" . Ray Campi, Mac Curtis a.o.

I´ve been buying Rockabilly, Country, 50´s and 60´s records since mid 70´s .

Now it is time to let some of it go  -  so stay  tuned  !

Johnny Sandberg - founder of Sunrock and Sunjay Records, Sweden

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